Self Defense Taekwondo Classes Sydney

Self Defense is an important thing today for all individuals. If someone is equipped with self-defense lessons then he or she has an advantage over other individuals who are not equipped with self-defense skills. The Taekwondo Classes Sydney given by Sydney Taekwondo Academy focus largely on a technique that students can benefit from such as a technique in self-defense. One example of the self-defense technique taught below will be when someone grabs you. What can you do in this scenario?

This demonstration will work with a hand, waist or shoulder grab from someone unexpected.

First would be to put your hand over your attacker’s hand which is grabbing you. Your thumb would be placed behind your attacker’s thumb while your fingers are under your attacker’s palm, your pinky or little fingers being on the meaty part of your attacker’s hand.

Once you’ve got the grip set right between you and your attacker, the attacker has left no choice but to release his grab on you because your simple rotation then forces the attacker’s release.

After successfully gripping the hand of your attacker and they release their grab on you, It is time to control your attacker. You can control your attacker by bringing your attacker’s hand close to your body so you can control them.

Once you bring the attacker close to your body, the next self-defense technique to apply is o continue rotating your attacker’s wrist and put pressure on the tendon of his triceps. In an attempt to relieve some pressure on his arm, the attacker will bend forward in most cases.

This will give you the advantage because it puts your attacker off balance and you are able to maneuver him in the direction you wish. This now makes your attacker vulnerable.

Now would be your chance to step into the angle between your attacker’s arm and body putting you more in control of the situation. You can then proceed by suddenly dropping your entire weight on your attacker’s back which will have him fall to the floor easily and swiftly.

That would then be your time to run to a secure place, ask for assistance from someone, and get on the phone with who you need to.

This is just a basic technique for self-defense. Anyone can learn this technique when taught properly and can use this in emergency case.

As mentioned earlier, this is just one of the techniques taught at the Taekwondo Classes Sydney.

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