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Ninja Warrior Sydney has an entertaining way to keep kids fit. The courses are made for especially kids. These courses boost physical, mental, and social skills.

As the first of its kind in Sydney, it is made accessible for kids to maintain or improve fitness. Maintaining or improving fitness can be a hassle especially when busy, so Ninja Warrior Sydney made a way to exercise and enjoy at the same time. Originating from Dos Taekwondo, Ninja Warrior Sydney combines martial arts, gymnastics, and obstacle courses to get the results of both fitness and fun. All these in one place might get challenging but its definitely worth it and kids will definitely have a great time.

In Ninja Warrior Sydney’s unique classes and courses, both mental and physical strength is given importance. Physical strength is improved as coaches give a range of activities. Mental strength is improved as exercises are done consistently and with dedication. We also focus on social skills, where we incorporate and stress the importance of teamwork.

Our professional and skilled instructors and coaches of Ninja Warrior Sydney are great support systems who push kids to strive for excellence. With quality classes that cater to kid's fitness needs, kids of any age will glow with confidence, make new friends, and be fit while having fun.