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Martial Arts is a combination of combative techniques and practice of fighting for multiple reasons: competition, self defense, exercise and entertainment. Martials Arts Sydney has been influenced by varieties of techniques and fighting systems from around the world. It has a very wide variation from armed to unarmed martial arts and even the types of martial arts combat: grappling, striking, stand-up fights and ground fights.

The practice of martial arts provides lots of benefits physically, mentally and spiritually and here at Sydney Taekwondo Academy, we have Martial Arts Sydney class programs that would be very beneficial to individuals of all ages. We offer top of the line programs that would suit everybody from kids aged 4 to adulthood. Sydney Taekwondo Academy is a leading taekwondo club in Sydney and there are different aspects that make us one of the best martial arts academies in Australia.

Here’s what we offer:

Best technique

We offer various techniques for self defense. Sydney Taekwondo Academy is run by Master Kerem Taslak who has already achieved lots of martial arts awards since he was young. He will be sharing all the knowledge he has learned from years of training. Our techniques are definitely the best!

Great supervision

We offer a safe learning environment where your children will be individually supervised and guided for their improvement. We will correct their mistakes as soon as we see any so that they will be on the right track.

Good teaching style

Our instructors are very inclusive and we don’t only teach our students, we facilitate their learning and guide them throughout their career. This will help them focus on their goals and achieve what they aspire for.

Outstanding Understanding for All Students

Here at Sydney Taekwondo Academy, we understand the differences and the variation of children’s learning capabilities and we do our best to help them by making their learning fast and easy. We also give special treatment for our students who are having a hard time coping up with the lessons.

Sydney Taekwondo Academy surely is the best Martial Arts Sydney Academy for you and your children. You will learn lots of things where you can also benefit from and use them to face the challenges of our daily lives.

If this sounds like a port for you, you can check out our classes and contact us today.

Taekwondo Training: Your Child’s Best Friend.

Taekwondo Training is beneficial not only for adults, especially for kids. Taekwondo is a form of karate developed as a military art and is now known and widely popular martial arts. Its main techniques use kicking and punching movements which energizes the body, improving the breathing and meditation techniques to help increase focus. Taekwondo has become very popular and is even practiced almost all over the world today.

Sydney Taekwondo Academy offers taekwondo training and classes for kids aged 4+. We have a very progressive and fun learning club where you can truly enjoy the practice of taekwondo. Taekwondo is composed of different techniques and skills that would help develop the skills and abilities of children.

Taekwondo Training is indeed a lot more than a simply a sport for your child can participate in.

Here are some reasons why Taekwondo Training could be your child’s best friend.

Offers a friendly atmosphere

Practicing Taekwondo will allow your child to earn more friends since there are activities where they will participate as a team, improving their social skills. The more friends your child would gain, the more he’ll be in Taekwondo training which could help him even further.

Your child gets to meet new friends

As soon as the training and classes start, your child will be able to meet the other students. He will be welcomed and that would help him feel comfortable in his new environment. Meeting new people will also help him earn confidence, be sportsmanship and learn how to interact with others.

They experience Taekwondo events

At Sydney Taekwondo Academy, there are lots of events every year so your child has a chance to experience events, join competitions and enjoy training taekwondo. This is his chance to show the world his skills and abilities. He’ll learn how to accept victory and failure, to stand up again and to face the challenges with discipline.

Provides Self defense

Bullying has become a major issue worldwide. One reason it happens because children do not know how to defend themselves. If your child learns taekwondo, he will be able to defend himself, not in a violent way, but rather in a calm and disciplined way.

Sydney Taekwondo Academy’s taekwondo training is great for your child and even for you! This is the time for you and your child to have a bonding.

Enroll now at Sydney Taekwondo Academy!

Master Martial Arts | Taekwondo Hand Techniques

Taekwondo is a wonderful self-defense technique that teaches us lots of fighting styles and life lessons. It is indeed great to learn taekwondo. More and more people who enroll in taekwondo schools have gained lots of benefits from this practice. Sydney Taekwondo Academy | Master Martial Arts is one of the leading taekwondo clubs in Sydney Australia. We have taught lots of kids and adults the importance and values of taekwondo. Some even took taekwondo as a part of their lifestyle since taekwondo also teaches a lot of life lessons and even ways to face the trials we encounter.

Taekwondo is indeed known for great fighting and defense techniques. Here are a few taekwondo techniques:

Hand Positions

ah keum sahn : arc hand
joomok : fist
sahnkal : knifehand
gawi sahnkeut : scissors-shaped spearfingers
me joomuk : hammer-fist
deung joomuk : back fist
sahn deung : back hand (also “deung sahn”)
sahn bahtong : palm heel (also “bahtong sahn”)

Hand Attacks

doo joomuk chirugi : doublefist punch
chi chirugi : uppercut punch
sewo chirugi : vertical punch
bahro chirugi : straight (return) punch
bahndae chirugi : reverse punch
doo bun chirugi : double punch
nalgeh chirugi : wing-shaped punch
nehryuh chirugi : downward punch


bahkat palmahk mahki : outer forearm block
ahn palmahk mahki : inner forearm block
sahng palmahk mahki : twin forearm block
ahnuro mahki : inward block
ahrae mahki : low block
cho kyo mahki : rising block
daebi mahki : guarding block
bituro mahki : twisting block


cha olligi : stretching kick
jillo chagi : thrusting kick
ahp chagi : front kick
yup chagi : side kick
yung seuk chagi : combination (consecutive) kick
meekulmyu chagi : sliding kick (also “mikulgi chagi”)
goollruh chagi : rolling kick
natgeh tdwim yu chagi : hopping kick


sohgi : stance
jah seh : posture (or stance) [used instead of “sohgi” in some styles]
ahnjun sohgi : sitting stance
ahp sohgi : front stance
ahp koo bi sohgi : front bent knee stance (also just “ahp koo bi”)
joong-rib sohgi : neutral stance
dong yuk sohgi : dynamic stance
cha yun sohgi : natural stance
chagi sohgi : kicking stance


Taekwondo is defined as the art of foot and fist, which may explain why most of the techniques taught in taekwondo are about hand and foot techniques. Enroll now at Sydney Taekwondo Academy to learn more about taekwondo!

Taekwondo Classes Sydney Students

Taekwondo is a form of art and activity that deals with many skills and lessons. Taekwondo is usually thought of to be a child’s or a younger person’s activity and cannot be taught to elder people. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the case especially with well-designed Taekwondo programs such as what Taekwondo Classes Sydney offers.

Taekwondo Classes Sydney offer programs to meet the needs of various students. Our students come in all ages and our programs are specifically tailored to meet both your age and skill level. Some people prefer even enrolling into Taekwondo in their early teens because they are more mature than the little kids and will understand the teachings and importance of Taekwondo a lot easier in most cases.

Most students would begin practicing their different skills and can be classified from there. These skills involve practicing basic patterns and forms, board kicking and breaking, kicking blocking, striking, and punching.

Taekwondo can be a little easier for younger students because they become flexible easier their older adult beginner student. Some adult beginners though can do a couple of extra steps to help them with their Taekwondo. Some of these steps include:

Stretch, stretch, and stretch some more. Most adult beginners need a lot of stretching to get ready and prepare for a class for many different reasons. Don’t’ be shy if you take longer to get ready for some exercise than your younger companions. Chances are they have been running around all day, and doing other activities. They weren’t in a classroom or at work to name a few.

Talk to the master. The Masters at Taekwondo Classes Sydney are very welcoming all feel even privileged that you have come to them to voice some of your concerns and they would put in the effort to meet your specific needs.

Ask for help. A lot of older beginners we’ve come across would be uncomfortable to ask younger students with a problem they have with a specific technique. On the contrary, other students would love to teach you to want they know. They were all there at some point and would love to give you additions tips to make learning that specific technique easier.

So as you’ve noticed, Taekwondo Classes Sydney by Taekwondo Sydney offers special classes and programs for all ages. Anyone is welcome to participate in our classes.

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Self Defense Taekwondo Classes Sydney

Self Defense is an important thing today for all individuals. If someone is equipped with self-defense lessons then he or she has an advantage over other individuals who are not equipped with self-defense skills. The Taekwondo Classes Sydney given by Sydney Taekwondo Academy focus largely on a technique that students can benefit from such as a technique in self-defense. One example of the self-defense technique taught below will be when someone grabs you. What can you do in this scenario?

This demonstration will work with a hand, waist or shoulder grab from someone unexpected.

First would be to put your hand over your attacker’s hand which is grabbing you. Your thumb would be placed behind your attacker’s thumb while your fingers are under your attacker’s palm, your pinky or little fingers being on the meaty part of your attacker’s hand.

Once you’ve got the grip set right between you and your attacker, the attacker has left no choice but to release his grab on you because your simple rotation then forces the attacker’s release.

After successfully gripping the hand of your attacker and they release their grab on you, It is time to control your attacker. You can control your attacker by bringing your attacker’s hand close to your body so you can control them.

Once you bring the attacker close to your body, the next self-defense technique to apply is o continue rotating your attacker’s wrist and put pressure on the tendon of his triceps. In an attempt to relieve some pressure on his arm, the attacker will bend forward in most cases.

This will give you the advantage because it puts your attacker off balance and you are able to maneuver him in the direction you wish. This now makes your attacker vulnerable.

Now would be your chance to step into the angle between your attacker’s arm and body putting you more in control of the situation. You can then proceed by suddenly dropping your entire weight on your attacker’s back which will have him fall to the floor easily and swiftly.

That would then be your time to run to a secure place, ask for assistance from someone, and get on the phone with who you need to.

This is just a basic technique for self-defense. Anyone can learn this technique when taught properly and can use this in emergency case.

As mentioned earlier, this is just one of the techniques taught at the Taekwondo Classes Sydney.

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Sydney Taekwondo Academy: The Best Martial Arts Academy

Taekwondo is globally known hand to hand fighting and there are bunches of school that offer taekwondo martial arts. Sydney Taekwondo Academy is one of them, and one of the best martial arts academies in Sydney. We offer taekwondo classes at its best, where you can get a lot of benefits not only physically, as well as spiritually, mentally and socially.

There are quite a big number of people who are also interested in taekwondo. And when it comes to schools and academies for taekwondo, it is no surprise that there are also a lot. Sydney Taekwondo Academy can compete to the top taekwondo schools with the help of our uniqueness. Here are numerous explanations behind that:

We are not your normal club

Unlike most clubs, Sydney Taekwondo Academy gives individual consideration regarding their understudies. This permits their understudies to advance at a quicker rate towards their objectives. What’s more, other than giving lessons and taekwondo strategies, we additionally verify that each class and preparing projects are brimming with fun and pleasure.

Sydney Taekwondo Academy offers free month preparing, free participation and free garbs with no commitments of marking contracts or least installments. We are additionally a guaranteed individual from world class taekwondo associations that are perceived universally.

We are a glad member from KUKKIWON, which gives our black belt understudies the benefit to be universally perceived naturally. Also, Kukkiwon is an extraordinary help as they share data to us which we use as favorable position to amplify the viability of learning.

There are no age limits when enlisting at Sydney Taekwondo Academy, if you are dedicated and willing to learn the best martial arts then you are very welcome.

Taekwondo is a movement that can be delighted in by the entire family, and Sydney Taekwondo Academy advances that. We have class programs that thoroughly fit you and your family so you can come and prepare here as a crew. Folks would be the inspiration and motivation of their youngsters, and this will help then at their execution and improvement.

There is considerably more motivation to join and take in the specialty of taekwondo and go to classes at Sydney Taekwondo Academy. Go along with us with your family and companions, appreciate the class programs and procure your positions to be at the top. Sydney Taekwondo Academy, The best Martial Arts Academy will help you accomplish your objectives to be a champion and to be perceived universally.